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一首很带感的英文歌一个女的唱的什么 in the fire

Kelly Clarkson 的 Stronger 。 歌词您说的应该是这一句 What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 感觉上是这首,仅供参考~~

《Stronger》 演唱:Kelly Clarkson 英文 You know the bed feels warmer Sleeping here alone You know I dream in colour And do the things I want You think you got the best of me Think you had the last laugh Bet you think that every...

Alicia Keys 《Girl On Fire》

what doesn’t kill you (stronger)!kelly Clarkson

Fight Song - Rachel Platten Like a small boat On the ocean Sending big waves Into motion Like how a single word Can make a heart open I might only have one match But I can make an explosion And all those things I didn't say Wre...

Take Me To Infinity你看一下是不是

The Show - Lenka I'm just a little bit Caught in the middle Life is a maze And love is a riddle I don't know where to go I can't do it alone (I've tried) And I don't know why Slow it down Make it stop Or else my heart is goin...

rolling in the deep

题主的关键词有:女歌手、on fire、 那么应该是《Girl On Fire》——Alicia Keys She’s just a girl and she’s on fire她只是个女孩,她如同烈火 Hotter than a fantasy, lonelier like a highway比谁都热情,比谁都寂寞 She’s living in a world ...

这首歌叫 My songs know what you did in the dark. 我也找了很长时间,别谢我

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